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Project Files

Download the Xcode project files: Xcode 4 Projects (June 2012 Release)

Table of Contents

HOUR 1: Xcode 4

HOUR 2: Just Enough Objective-C and Cocoa

HOUR 3: Understanding the MVC Design Pattern

HOUR 4: Creating Projects with the Xcode Templates

HOUR 5: Managing Files in Xcode

HOUR 6: Using the Xcode Code Editor

HOUR 7: Working with the Xcode Documentation

HOUR 8: Creating User Interfaces

HOUR 9: Connecting a GUI to Code

HOUR 10: Creating iOS Application Workflows with Storyboarding

HOUR 11: Building an Application

HOUR 12: Using Source Control

HOUR 13: The languages Xcode Supports

HOUR 14: Planning for Re-use: Frameworks and Libraries

HOUR 15: Putting it all Together: Building a MacOS Application

HOUR 16: Making it Mobile: Building a Universal iOS Application

HOUR 17: Attaching Big Data: Using CoreData in your Applications

HOUR 18: Test Early, Test Often: Using the SenTesting OCUnit framework to Unit Test your application

HOUR 19: Getting the Bugs Out: Debugging with LLDB and GDB

HOUR 20: Keeping things Organized: Developing Multiple Projects in Shared Workspaces

HOUR 21: Advanced: Analyzing Code with Instruments

HOUR 22: Managing and Provisioning iOS Devices

HOUR 23: Packaging Applications for the App Store

HOUR 24: Xcode CLI Utilities